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Welcome to IIA

The IIA is the only recognised professional body in Zimbabwe that is entirely dedicated to the development of the internal audit profession.

Our vision is to provide an enabling environment for the development of well rounded professionals who will contribute effectively towards governance, risk and control issues affecting both the private and public sectors in Zimbabwe.


ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING [20 September 2013]

Acceptance Speech for Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) President – M Tachivona

Patron of the IIA (Mrs M Chiri), Board members of the IIA here present, Past Presidents and founding members here present, CEO of the IIA (Mr R Bvekerwa), members of the IIA, our most valued guests, ladies and gentlemen!

First let me start by registering my most profound apologies for not having been able to be with you on this important occasion. Pressing work commitments have dictated that I be elsewhere.

It is an absolute honour and privilege for me to accept being President of the IIA for the next two year period ending September 2015. I still remember clearly some years ago having a conversation with the late S Chanduru, who at that time, was President of this noble institute. In that conversation he was encouraging me to volunteer time to the causes of the institute. It was a call I heeded and one that has seen me, over the years, serving the institute in various capacities culminating, today, in accepting to serve as President of the IIA.

Over the years the IIA has faced many challenges (especially during the hyperinflation era), which I will not enumerate here, but we have also enjoyed some successes. It has been the collective efforts of dedicated volunteers who sit on the board of the IIA, the secretariat, business partners and you our members that have seen us conquer challenges and achieve tangible successes. It shall continue to be so during my tenure as President, for a single head achieves nothing. So I amcounting on your support, fellow board members, the secretariat and members, to achieve on ourmajor objective of promoting professional internal auditing in Zimbabwe.Borrowing from my employer, “If it is to be, it is up to us!”

It is my firm belief that the incoming board will help the institute achieve its main objective by focusing on, among other things:-

  • Continuing to provide world class services to our members
  • Capacitating our members through up to date and relevant training
  • Keeping members, and society at large, informed of key developments in the profession, locally and globally.
  • Aligning our local institute structures with those of other institutes in the world, particularly taking note of the recommendations of IIA Global.
  • Planning strategically and following through by rigorous implementation and monitoring mechanisms. To this end the incoming board will convene soon to map out our medium-term strategies.
  • Being financially astute, and applying the institute’s resources in ways that benefit members for the long term

This is truly a moment to be cherished. I accept this appointment withpride and will give my best efforts to make you proud for having selected me.

With grace of God, the cooperation of fellow board members, guidance of our patron, dedication of the secretariat, support of business partners and commitment of you the members of the IIA we shall take this institute to the next level!

Enjoy the IIA 25th Anniversary Celebrations!

I thank you all so much!


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